What is a Geek?

This isn’t so much a blog entry as an excuse to post an ‘article’ that I was asked to write by an online magazine who then never bothered to publish it. Since I liked the article, I’m throwing it up here. Enjoy!

I am a geek. Unashamedly and undeniably. I’ve got replica lightsabers, action figures, dozens of sci-fi books, the lot. I can pretty much quote the original Star Wars trilogy word for word, and I work in tech support. Fairly standard qualifications for the ‘Geek’ label to be applied to me then. But what is a geek? Well the Oxford dictionary defines it thus:

Geek – noun, informal

  • an unfashionable or socially inept person
  • [usually with modifier] a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast: a computer geek

Whilst the first part is – unfortunately – usually true, it’s the second part that really defines a geek. I mean we all know someone unfashionable or socially inept. That doesn’t make them a geek – just someone who dresses badly and doesn’t do well at parties. It’s that detailed knowledge of a subject which they obsess over that truly defines someone as a geek. And that means almost anyone can find themselves on that slippery slope to geekdom, and late nights on internet forums arguing over the exact length of an Imperial Star Destroyer…

And to prove it, here is a list of some of the most common varieties of geek.

Computer Geek – Rumoured to be able to speak in binary and have USB ports surgically installed into their brain stem, these geeks obsess over their machines. They lovingly build their own super-powered, LED-lit, water-cooled PC’s, and attach them to their own home networks. They can type a reply on a message board faster than you can blink, and they never pay for their software ‘cause they can get it all online for free. They tend to fund their obsession by repairing your knackered technology, and/or working for an IT department.  You can spot them by their pale skin, wide, dilated eyes, and over-enlarged clicking fingers. They usually hate iGeeks.

iGeeks – We all know one. These are the drones that make up Steve Jobs’ army of fanatical followers. They would sell their own mothers for the latest iPhone, and suffer catastrophic withdrawal symptoms if separated from their beloved apple-marked toys for too long (usually about thirty seconds.). They will blindly buy any product with the sacred logo on it, completely ignoring other superior products, and vociferously denounce all other technology as being inferior. Usually spotted wearing snarky t-shirts, spiked hair, and with little white headphones in their ears.

Trekkies/Trekkers – Possibly the most famous of the geeks. Will happily turn up anywhere in their lycra ‘uniforms’ with their pointy elf-ears and proceed to bore everyone in the vicinity with a conversation on exactly why the Enterprise would beat the Death Star. Will kill for the opportunity to meet a cast member, and often seem to deify Gene Roddenberry. If more than two gather, they can debate for weeks over which captain – Kirk or Picard – was superior. Responsible for inventing the whole Klingon language. Usually identified by the lycra ‘uniforms’, pointy ears, or ridged foreheads. Usually diametrically opposed to the Star Wars geeks.


Star Wars geeks – Devotees to George Lucas’ sci-fi franchise. Willing to sacrifice their own families to meet Mr Lucas, or acquire a rare action figure. Can often be found telling all who will listen that “Han shot first”, or why Star Wars is better than Star Trek. All secretly dream of wearing Stormtrooper armour for their wedding (probably to Princess Leia). Founders of the Jedi Church, and primary proponents of the drive to get Jedi recognised as a ‘real’ religion. Like to bash Trekkies.

Music geeks – Music is usually ‘cool’. But not when these geeks are involved. They will bore you with endless trivia about their favourite artists (if said artist is now popular, they will of course have liked them before they became popular). Derisive and rude to any artist they don’t like and armed with endless facts to support their arguments of why they’re the greatest at what they do. Will have stacks of CD’s/records all of which they will have a story or ‘interesting’ fact about. Dismissive of all others knowledge about their chosen artists. Often found haranguing staff on record shops for not having the latest release from some obscure singer no-one else has ever heard of. Shockingly, most music geeks have no musical ability themselves.

LARPers – Live Action RolePlayers. Fans of dressing up in doublets and chainmail, and running around the woods hitting other similarly dressed people with foam latex swords. Spend all available cash on improving their costumes and/or their weapons, and getting to gatherings of like minded individuals. Have an annoying tendency to speak like a character from Lord of the Rings in everyday conversation. Easily spotted by their flowing cloaks and duct-tape bound weapons.

Academic geeks (aka nerds) – A broader category than the others, these range from Science geeks to maths geeks, and anywhere in between. At school they were top of the class (often knowing more than the teachers) and bottom of the social ladder. These are the archetypal geeks often used by mainstream media to portray the sad misfit. Badly dressed, braces, pocket protectors… Even other geeks tend to look down upon these unfortunate souls. Usually spotted congregating in small packs for protection, discussing… well, whatever it is they discuss when they’re not being bullied.

So there you have it. Although the list is far from exhaustive, you’ll now be able to spot (and probably avoid) some of the most common geeks. But don’t be too harsh on us obsessive weirdo’s. After all, the Geeks shall inherit the Earth…




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  1. Great post. When my son was around 11 in the pre-computer game era, he became addicted to a board game, Dungeons and Dragons. I used to take him to a store called “Strategy World,” where there were always guys sitting at tables playing those kind of games. They were Fantasy Game Geeks.

  2. Jornal do Whisky

    O good definitions! I searched, but had not found in the dictionary.
    What kind of geek drink whisky?

  3. Haha, I liked this. You forgot the geeks that get laid, you know fake geeks who wear the cardigans and the glasses to be hipster ironic cool.

  4. Uhm… hello. Big time, unashamed Movie Geek here. Don’t leave us out in the pasture. 😉

    Nice article. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  5. lol igeeks! brilliant post btw!

  6. This is a great post! Sadly I know someone who fits into ALL of those categories…I’m sending him this now!

  7. Hey fyi iGeeks don’t have spiky hair! Guys have skinny jeans, really short little beards sometimes, and their hair is not usually spiked. Oh, but black-rimmed glasses are essential. Skinny jeans, converse, and borderline-emo hairstyles are most common among girls. But the one thing we DO all have in common is that we have legitimate arguments to defend our beloved Apple products, and usually win the battles with confronted with a Mac vs. PC conflict.

  8. Well now that I got over the iGeeks offense… I went back and read the rest of geek classifications. I became a bit concerned as I tend to associate with all but the LARPers and Trekkers. However, my tendencies are a bit less concentrated, probably because I’m a girl…but still geeky :/

  9. This has been one of the most entertaining posts that I have read in a LONG time!
    For a while you had me convinced that I fit into the music geek uniform but then I recovered when I realised that I play an instrument and love hearing what other people have to say about an artist – I do however enjoy having the last say!

    Thanks for the awesome post – go blow up the offices or whatever of that online magazine. Bunch of douche-bags.

    Peace to you man,

  10. Haha! Nice! Even I am a geek, but not socially inept (thank God!).

  11. Eettuuyy

    Lol. Nice post!

  12. Not all are socially inept. The other week, a young lady in a bar tried to pick up on me my telling me she just came from a comic book convention. I don’t know why she thought I would be impressed by that, as I am usually labeled with the “hippies”. She got quite a lot off attention from a few fellows, though.

  13. wadingacross

    I used to be a geek, and then I grew up. Now I’m just a recalcitrant, curmudgeonly nerd fighting selfish desires to creep back into pointless geekdom.

    I found that bachelorhood exaccerbated or encouraged my nerdery and geekishness. Marraige, paying attention to things that really matter, and having children reprioritize things.

    Anyone want to buy my comic collection or sword? I kid you not. I’ve got a few hundred Thor comics dating back to JiMwtMT #95 among many others. And I own a Brightblade series Angelsword blade.

    I used to immerse myself in non-computer/technical geekery.

  14. Nice post. We’re all geeks in our own right.

  15. bradenbost

    I love this! I’m also taking great comfort that I’m ALMOST two kinds of geek you’ve listed, but not completely. I’m very proud of the fact that I have never worn, nor cared to wear, a costume to a Star Wars premier. Or any other premier, for that matter. But I did wait in line for the prequels for a grand total of . . . 28 hours? Plus, almost a decade ago I did a persuasive speech for my speech class in college on why Star Wars was better than Star Trek. I got a C; the teacher must have been a Trekkie.

    Also, by your definitions, I am almost a music geek, but I feel I am absolved due to the facts that 1) I have musical ability, and use it; and 2) I’ve fully understood for a long time that the majority of people have never heard of my favorite bands and don’t fault them for it. Also, I’m getting better at touting my superiority over someone who, say, thinks Lady Gaga is just AMAZING, or thinks Matchbox 20 were THE definitive rock group of the late 90’s, but I’m not yet a complete pacifist–be very careful to what you refer as “emo.” But I still know a lot about my favorite artists: http://bradenbost.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/band-family-trees-part-i-slapstick/

    Lastly, as if I haven’t blogged enough in your blog, I want to add to your admitted non-exhaustive list one of my least favorite kinds of geeks: Bad Movie Geeks. The ones who hold terrible, b-rate films (usually horror of some kind) as the true works of cinematic art, and scoff at anyone who actually thought “The Dark Knight” was a good movie.

    Anyway, thanks for the post; I like it.

  16. Great article. Thank you for clarifying what a Geek is 🙂

  17. I’m sorry this wasn’t published, I really enjoyed it.
    thanks for the laugh and congrats on being freshly pressed

  18. There is a class of Trekkie/Star Wars geek you left out. It is a rather large group as well. They are equally devoted to the Star Trek and Star Wars worlds. They can easily shift between these. Most often purists and consider the T.V. shows as cannon and will discount the animated version and often argue about the inconsistancies that the novels produce in the time lines. They are most likely to condem the DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise branches of the franchise (but not always). They absolutely hate George Lucas but will wax poetical over the three original films while ripping the three prequels to absolute shreds. Again, they are more likely to get upset with the novels that screw with what they consider Star Wars ‘canon’.

    • gmirwin

      Amen. Trek and Wars geeks need not fight.

      It’s sad really, what happened to George Lucas. The brilliant man who gave us the original trilogy was replaced by an evil alien body-snatcher who gave us the prequel trilogy.

      Sisko beats Kirk AND Picard hands down. I decided that the moment he punched Q.

  19. I love this. You’ve really done a lot of research for this one…I’m certain I fit into a few of those categories… 😉

  20. The only problem with your post is the underlying assumption that all Star Wars geeks are male. Not so.

    “Strong am I with the force…”

    • Apologies, it’s easy to fall into that trap since most Star Wars geeks are male. Especially those I know. But I shall bear it in mind for future posts!

      • True, true… I was actually the one who asked my (Trekkie) husband to incorporate bits of the Star Wars Soundtrack into our wedding. (With him in his kilt, certain time-period sword given to him by his Renaissance Fair friend.)

        This post written from my IT workplace which deals heavily (although not exclusively) in Apple products …
        You can’t make this kind of life up.

  21. what about topical geeks? surely, there are topics other than star wars that geeks can obsess over.

    although i do agree that the star wars geeks deserve their own category.

  22. Kelly Hay

    I can now consider myself thoroughly informed on all things from the world of geekdom! Funny stuff! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  23. Totally unnecessary fact from an English geek (me): the word geek originally described the member of a travelling freak show who bit the heads off live animals, especially chickens. (How this word morphed into its current usage, I have no idea.)

  24. You forgot the most common breed: the Engineer.

  25. Joe

    I am a geek also but mainly because I am socially challenged, get me in a group of people and I shut down. I also enjoy way too much time on the internet.

  26. LOL! My husband is definitely a computer geek. He’s built all of our desktop computers; refuses to get a computer any other way. He’s also the supervisor of an IT department so…yeah. And he definitely cannot stand “iGeeks.” 😛 It’s nice though–free tech support at home. 🙂

  27. You have a pretty good list of geeks going here, but I felt the need to mention at least one more, the Table Top RPG geek, aka: the Dungeons and Dragons geek.

    I also feel the need to point out that most geeks, myself included, probably fall into more than one of these categories.

    Overall nice job though. Keep letting that geek flag fly.

  28. Loved your post, might have recognized some friends and myself in that list. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  29. Hmm..I’ve always thought of myself as more of a dork, but I may be a music geek. Fun stuff!

  30. Andrew

    I think you’re missing a couple of points here. The definition is there (someone who specializes in something, sometimes at the expense of social skills), but when it comes to examples, that sort of definition can just about apply to everyone: The people who play fantasy football, music bloggers, spreadsheet wizards, etc, in addition to the list that you’ve got there. Geeks are generally associated with the science fiction / fantasy genres, but the science fiction / fantasy genres don’t define geeks.

    Speaking as a self-described one, I have to go with the passionate one – I love SF/F, I read and write, but my interests extend far beyond entertainment. No, I think SF/F are genres that appeal to people who have more geeklike personalities, rather than the other way around. A good book to take a look at is Benjamin Nugent’s ‘American Nerd’, published a couple of years go. Decent read.

  31. What about lit geeks? Or art geeks? We’re pretty geektastic too, you know.

  32. Sadly, I am a mutt. I’m part Star Wars Geek, part Academic Geek, a smidge iGeek and part Music Geek (including the worst of the Music Geeks-The Band Geek). Thanks for your post!

  33. Love this article! The magazine totally should have used it.

  34. What category would people who are obsessed with all things horror movie related fall into?

  35. I work in the artificial Christmas tree industry… and well everyone here is pretty much obsessed with the trees, after all they are our business. So is there a proper terminology for Christmas tree geeks? lol

  36. I happen to be a computer geek. 😀 I love laptops. Still dreaming when I will get one. 😦

    • Ha ha! So am I! Well, not until having a super-cool upgraded computer, though. I just ALWAYS bring my laptop everywhere, even though it turned out I didn’t use them. 😛

  37. frubban

    I belong to three of those groups at the same time, hate three others, and don’t really care about the last one…

    Does that make me a Tripple Geek? xD

  38. Sent this to my friend who works for Geekscape…they’re interested in talking to you about writing for them. Send me an email and I’ll forward it to them if you’re interested!

  39. Awesome list – I think any of us with slightly obsessive tendencies apply – although why does the term “geek” only seem to apply to sci fi & fantasy fans, when many sports fans are even more obsessive?.. Hmmm… 🙂

  40. Wow, didn’t expect this to garner such an amazing array of comments!

    Glad you all enjoyed the post so much, and I shall endeavour to keep up the good work!


  41. I’m glad you explained that a geek doesn’t have to lack style and grace because I’ve definitely got it “goin’ on” as they say.

    …Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to sort my X-Men action figures, adjust my glasses, wash my dress shirts and iron my ties.

  42. I stay away from LARPers…


  43. SynLar

    I think I could pass as a movie geek, where is my definition? 😀 Great article BTW.

  44. When I was a kid (around 2nd and 3rd grade), for some reason I’ll never know, the commonly accepted definition of a geek among most of the elementary school age kids I knew was: “Someone who sucks farts from a chicken’s butt.”

    I’m guessing someone’s older brother made this up and passed it on to his younger brother and then it just became common knowledge.

    I was mildly disappointed that this definition didn’t make it onto your list. But great post anyway 🙂


  45. Love this post! (And that continual battle with paradoxes that most geeks ponder upon – which you’ve mentioned in your ‘Rooney’ section.)

    I’m a Geek (though I don’t dress like the ‘cliched’ one anymore) and proud to be a geek. A gypsy (metaphorically). And all the paradoxes that geekdom and nerd-dom include. And since Spock was my first crush and I still lust after Princess Leia’s metal bikini – guess that would be a paradox too (to like characters of both Star Wards and Star Trek)?

    Perhaps the multi-dimensional geeks of the world should invent a term ‘Renaissance Geek’ as a malamanteau – as xkcd would term it. (Didn’t ‘geek’ initially stand for ‘general electrical engineering knowledge?’)

    Nice post…

  46. Haha, myself I dated a LARPer with heavy overtones of fantasy board-game nerdery and some minor anime nerdery. Didn’t last long but I did get to read some of his hentai collection~

    Speaking of which, you forgot the somewhat newly discovered Japan geeks – we who will obsess over just about everything originating from Japan. The most annoying kind will find a way to sneak Japanese words in just about every sentence… We spend all our money on buying imported comics and cartoons until we figure out where to get them for free on the internet. This kind of geek is likely to brag about their extensive collection of said cartoons and comics. We introduce ourselves by listing our favourites…

  47. Delorfinde

    Totally true 🙂 But what does that make me? A writing geek?

    “Writing geeks tend to spend most of their lunchtimes in the school/university/office library or otherwise book-filled area, typing furiously on computers or scribbling in notebook. Known for holding conversations with characters at great length (usually in public places), they can be recognised by their vacant stares and the inkstains on their fingers. Oh, and the way that they are convinced the thin air is replying to their comments.”

  48. Nice article, but there’s a subsection of the Music Geek that you failed to address. The Music Tech geek. He substitutes artist-related trivia with facts about Waveforms and Psychoacoustics, spends his life inside a studio laboriously mastering every piece of audio you’ve ever heard… He’s a real fun guy.

  49. Great posting! Now why would someone not publish that article? Its full of wisdom, wit and enough sarcasm to last a long time! Great writing!

  50. I think I gave birth to two of these: My son, a computer/academic geek (with a splash of “car enthusiast geek” thrown in), and, my daughter, an academic/music geek (with a pinch of “theater geek” topping it off).

    But, like I tell them, “Geeks make all the cool stuff in the world!”

  51. I’m a little sad that I don’t seem to fit in anywhere… 😦 I wanna be a geek!!!! 🙂

  52. You forgot “comic book” Geeks and “Tabletop” Geeks. Also, “Wargaming” Geeks. I am shocked and appalled. 😛

  53. I am a “geeky marketer” – I love all things geeky about marketing as well as the creative process of marketing. Good post – lots of people forget the LARPers, glad to see you included.

    PS also a trekkie!!

  54. Thank you so much for posting this. I consider myself a non-LARPing LOTR geek and my boyfriend and all other friends for that matter are music geeks.

    Kudos. 🙂

  55. there are fashionable geeks too ;)…

  56. Hahaaaa, I liked it! A lot! And I happen to have a friend that’s almost as you mentioned about the music geek. It’s a very close description!

  57. You forgot one kind of geeks. the geeks that have friends in school but in their homes they only spend time in their computer blogging or searching for Math problems or gathering with a friend to play WC The frozen throne’. (My kinda type). Not nerdy but the smartest of the class, he’s to lazy to do anything that is related to school.


  58. O and by the way…. STAR WARS AND LOTR FTW!!!!!!!!


  59. whatacraftybitch

    Don’t forget comic book geeks! Or, wait, are we comic book “nerds”. I think I’m the only 24 year old girl I know that is more excited about “The Return of Bruce Wayne” than about shopping. And while I don’t think I’m really socially inept, I see the “I-don’t-understand-what-you’re-talking-about” face on a regular basis… usually when I start talking about Uncanny X-Men. 😛


    Live Long and Prosper,
    Crafty Bitch

  60. Anne Lessing

    Their loss is WordPress’s gain! 🙂

    I love this article! I don’t really fit into any of these definitions, though…I love Star Wars enough to write novels about it, but only for Darth Maul. I can’t believe they killed him. He could have taken down Darth Vader faster than you could say Mos Eisley. And don’t give me that nonsense about how Vader DID “beat” him once–that was Maul’s clone, a mere pale shadow of his epicness.

    I nominate myself as a Darth Maul geek. And a Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies geek. I’m writing a novel about that that’ll likely end up at 200,000 words.

    Some geeks collect action figures or comic books or dress up…I write novels. ^_^

  61. Such a great blog post! I am the proud parent of a geek to the second power. Glad he is in such good company.

  62. Great list! Personally, I think geeks are cute. That’s why I married one–even though he’s a Trekkie and I’m a Star Wars geek. 🙂

  63. dnlsrl

    Great article!!!! Haha… 😀 I’d like to translate it in my spanish-language blog [check it out!! (www.knowurpc.wordpress.com)]. Whadda ya say??? I’ll include a link to your blog… That’s what I do when I publish an article that is not mine.

    Waiting for your answer…
    Great article again!!!!

  64. iGeeks made me laugh. cool post! 🙂

  65. dnlsrl

    Hey!!! Where is the share button????

  66. Where’s the spot for us anime geeks? We deserve some love too.

    Anyways, classifying geeks into different categories is just like classifying high school students into different cliques; sure you have your stereotypes that fit in perfectly to any given group, but the majority of students are individuals and don’t fit in to any given group naturally. Some will try to fit in, but by the time the reach the end of their adolescence they’ll have either become the stereotype or defined themselves, the latter being terribly hard to classify.

    The same goes with geeks, even the whole need to fit in with other geeks, be it Trekkies, iGeeks, etc. But I think well-rounded geeks are impossible to classify, and end up making their own categories. Or it’s just me.

  67. A Geek is something u can b proud of being..That means you use your brain…

  68. another mutt! i love a well-made computer, and oh god, dont make me choose between gaming and writing a paper. its gaming, hands down, 100% of the time.

    which reminds me.
    what about gamers?

  69. The ones who refused to publish this article, I feel sorry for them. The fact you made it to the Freshly Pressed with this shows how editorially inept THEY were. LOL.

    Nerd-Geek here, but not socially inept! Time to let that bit o’ the definition roll…


  70. Mrun

    the iGeeks stuff is brilliant! i fit right in!

  71. I enjoyed your post! I’m a Trekkie myself, though I don’t turn up with the Star Trek uniforms… but I’m an absolute fan of Star Trek Voyager. 🙂


  72. Hey, I’m a Maths geek but I’m not a bully’s target (for one thing, I’m also a martial arts geek) and I’m not at the bottom of my social ladders. I spend time with friends from time to time when I needed a ‘vacation’.

    But other than that (you know; top of the class, badly dressed, lost in a different world)… that’s me

  73. I’m a “Life Geek”.

  74. I guess everyone’s a geek. Anyone who’s passionate about anything is a geek.

  75. Nice post. It was fun reading this article. Geek usually complements to these words nerd and dork. Others may find geek ones weird or odd but let’s all face it, we all have the geeky part inside us.

    I’d like to share this one to World of Warcraft Geeks out there!
    Buy WoW Account

  76. Mumba Dodwell

    Hahahaha i love your break down on Geeks 😛

  77. i wish i were a geek so I can claim I’m knowledgeable
    about something!

  78. I think the dictionary is quite biased against ‘geeks’. It uses the word unfashionable, when in actuality there is no one to define the word fashion. It is incredibly subjective. Geek-ishness could be a fashion it’s own! As for socially inept, I disagree. Geeks like to converse with intellectuals. Just because they avoid the vapid masses of ignoramuses doesn’t make them socially inept. Either way, I just like to say, at the risk of being utterly cliched, BE YOURSELF AND BE PROUD ABOUT IT.


  79. Starwars geeks are probably the coolest. Everyone is a star wars geek at some level right?

  80. Cool ! (for a Geek that is) Great Post. Enjoyed it.

  81. mythoughts76

    It looks to me like GEEKS are merely extra intelligent people who are obsessed with certain things.. compared to us average intelligent “Normal’? people who also have obsessions. Everyone I know has an obsession of some sort, it’s merely the degree of obsession that shows. The fact is NORMAL is not even a true fact. No one is normal. People who consider themselves “Normal” are merely hiding their eccentricities better than the Geeks who have the higher self esteem to put it “out there” to the public.

  82. Hey.. I feel a bit offended here! 😛
    All LARPers doesn’t run around in the forest with swords… some of them rents a nice indoor place to be and pretend that we’re vampires!!!! Don’t know what’s worse though.. Vampires or.. Elves.. Haha!
    Great post by the way! 🙂


  83. had a nice chuckle!! found myself relating to parts of that!!

  84. Fantastic. Could you write one for women too? I love your observation – hilarious and accurate stereotyping. I showed this to my hubby lastnight, as my Dad has a bit of a penchant for Star Trek!



    • Hmmm, writing one for women may result in me sleeping on the sofa, or threats of violence from offended womenfolk. But I like to live dangerously, so I’ll see what I can do…

  85. It is pretty interesting to know that nowadays Geeks could not be easily determined. Gone are the day where geeks will wear eyeglasses and looks like a nerd. Today, somebody wearing a high heel or wearing a punk attire could be a geek.

  86. vuds

    How cool 😀 Thanks for writing this, really funny! 😀

  87. I actually have recently accepted my geek status, in the “traditional” meaning.
    They always say the first step is admitting you have a problem, and then enjoying the hell out of it!


  88. That’s nice:) personally I didn’t know there were so many types of “geeks”. Because I had different labels for them in my head. I was aware of academic and computer geeks. This post is hillarious.keep it up Rooney

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  91. Ann Denton

    I don’t think that I am a geek but I am a Patrick Steward (Jean Luc Picard) groupie. I saw each episode of Star Wars in the theatre five times. I have also seen every episode of Star Trek The New Generation. What great movies. My son Matt had every Star wars card (1-65) three times each. What a wonderful world. Ann

  92. I thought this post was gonna be about a guy who eats live chickens in a traveling show. Take back the name! Support REAL geeks!

  93. Aunt Em

    Ok, I seem to not fit in just one catagory of geekdom, which I am happy to say is a good thing. I am a walking calculator and calendar, which I chalk up to some bad wiring in my brain but my husband finds it useful on long drives when he can’t actually use and/or consult a calendar. And over the years I have retained more useless information (ok not totally useless, it is good for Trival Pursuit) than a person should. In addition I am a bit of a movie geek. Yes I know that original Star Wars from memory but I can say the same about the Lord of the Rings as well. Go figure.

  94. clarice ramos

    Invoked trope: did not do the research.

  95. sayitinasong

    Oh my god… am I music geek??!!??

  96. sayitinasong

    Oh my god… am I a music geek??!!??

  97. missdisplaced

    I think the first definition really describes a Nerd, while a geek is just someone [perhaps] a little too overly enthused about something.

    Most geeks are not socially inept anymore.

  98. I am in three of your categories: Computer geek, music geek and a nerd. In other words, I’m a scientist who loves music. . . and I’m proud of being all three 😉

    I highly recommend Paul Graham’s essay on Nerds:


  99. missdisplaced


    That was a good essay. Thanks for recommending it. I was both a freak and a geek in school, and like the essay, it was much worse in middle school than later in high school. I guess the “freakness” kept the bullies at bay, so honestly I wasn’t troubled too much despite being a bit lonely.

    Basically, yes, many of these kids choose to opt out of the American school system, where in order to be popular it unfortunately often means being or acting dumb and sports is king instead of actual learning.

  100. i didnt see any post about the anime geek that can tell u about every episode of naruto, bleach, ghost in a shell, samurai x and many other anime that ppl watch

  101. Rooney this article is great, I have no idea why said online magazine chose not to publish it, it’s perfect. You should send it to Replica online mag.

    Also…I have a sneaky feeling you qualify for most of these lists, despite being famously a Computer Geek.

    • Hehe, thanks Ruth. I’m actually stunned by the reception this article has received!

      And yes, I do qualify for quite a few of these groups…. and more beside!

      • Haha, well it’s a brilliant article and on the pulse of what culture is today, it’s relevant to everyone.

        Unless you’re morally/geektastically opposed, I think you should head to Dashboard > Settings > Sharing and drag on the sharing widgets so this article can spread further, can see a few people on here asking you to do that. As Antoinette would say, let them eat cake! 😛

      • Sweet Jebus, I never even knew I could do that! Some Geek I am….

        Should be open for sharing now if I’ve done it right. Cheers for pointing that out to me m’dear.

      • You’re welcome, am about to tweet this now *flaps birdie wings and flies to Twitter*

  102. Annu

    Lol.. cool article.. good reading too.

  103. Lol, that photo made me laugh out loud. In all srs business though, defining “geek” can be done differently in everyones eyes. It tends to be someone playing “nerdy” type games like World of Warcraft. On the other hand people who play Xbox can be seen as nerds too like myself. 🙂


  104. Lore

    You forgot weregeeks too (I am one)

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